Thursday, September 27, 2007

UM News 9-27

Here is the full episode of UM News for Sept 27 with anchors Eric Allen and Katie Stukey. The show was produced by Maritsa Georgiou and directed by Byron Norris. (Click video link below.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tasers at UM

A weapon carried by officers at the University of Montana recently caused some controversy. UM News reporter Jackie Bartz and photographer Jamie Leary take a first hand look at tasers on campus. (Click video link below.)

Urban Deer in Missoula

Students at the University of Montana often share the campus with deer. While frequent interaction with wildlife helps define the Montana life, a growing urban deer population creates problems in Missoula. U-M News reporter, Eric Allen and photographer Cody Munson found out what happens when Deer Go Wild, especially in urban areas. (Click video link below.)

Northeast Montana Griz Fans

Plentywood is about as far away from Missoula as a Montana town can be. But every Saturday in this northeastern Montana burg, the distance between the two closes. Reporter Eli Hermann and photographer Cristin Rennick look into the furthest corner of Griz Country. (Click video link below.)

Is Republicanism Dead?

In Missoula politics, Republicans play David to the Democrat's Goliath.Missoula County is one of only six in the state to lean left in the 2004 presidential election. Reporter Melanie Overcast and photographer Adam Winger found out about one University of Montana group fighting to give Republicans a voice on campus.
(Click video link below.)

Bike Regulations

Getting a speeding ticket in Missoula is not uncommon. But you might be surprised to find out you can get a speeding ticket on your bicycle. Reporter Katie Stukey and photographer Oliver Sommerauer found out what else you need to know about riding your bicycle in Missoula. (Click video link below.)

Grizzly Football Economics

The University of Montana Grizzly football season always means big business for Missoula. Reporter Rob Ashley and photographer John Zimmerman take a look at what the biggest Griz weekend means for local businesses. (Click video link below.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

UM News for September 25, 2007

Here is the full episode of UM News for Sept 25 with anchors Lauren Pedrick and Amanda Harris. The show was produced by Brandon Gondeiro and directed by Chris Spencer. (Click video link below.)

Monday, September 24, 2007

University of Montana Mascot

Griz fans might want to listen up, because this year, the Griz mascot is once again in the running to be Capital One's mascot of the year. Reporter Amanda Harris and photographer Brandon McDonald spent some time with Monte to find out if he's got what it takes to be a national champion. (Click on the link below.)

Smoking at UM

October first marks the one year anniversary for Montana's Clean Indoor Air Act. The Act forces smokers outside and prompted some to quit. UM News Reporter, Kerry McKay and photographer Layne Fisher discovered how the University can help. (Click video link below.)

Despite regulations, smoking near buildings still frustrates some students.
(Click Video Link Below.)

University of Montana Custodian Wages

Custodians are complaing and it is not about taking out the trash. UM News reporter Lauren Pedrick and photographer Alex Krigsvold found why custodians want better wages. (Click on the Link Below.)

University of Montana Homecoming Security

Homecoming and the Elton John concert are less than a week away. Reporter Irina Cates tells us how police plan to handle the weekend's security issues. (Click video link below.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

-Reporter Amanda Harris and photographer Brandon MacDonald profile a popular Missoula personality as he is up for a national award.
-Reporter Kerry McKay and photographer Layne Fisher take a look into the University's policy on smoking on campus.
-Reporter Lauren Pedrick and photograhper Alex Krigsvold look at how student janitors feel about their wages.
-Repotrter Rob Ashley and photographer John Zimmerman look at how Missoula's economy is impacted by Homecoming weekend.
-Reporter Irina Cates talks about security during a busy Homecoming week.

KPAX-TV will air UM News on "Montana This Morning" on September 25.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

South Campus

For the last year, the University of Montana has been planning to develop South Campus, more commonly known as the golf course. Reporter Eli Hermann and photographer Adam Winger went to see if the campus will be taking over the golf course soon.

UM Buddy Walk

Despit smokey conditions, UM athletes, coaches and community members came together to help bring awareness to down syndrome.
Reporter Megan Taylor and photographer Cody Munson went to check out the Buddy Walk and how it was started.


Some University of Montana students are getting their hands dirty to help people they've never met. They're working on a farm sponsored by the Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society.
The PEAS farm provides fresh produce to the Missoula Food Bank.

Parking Problems

UM students may be frustrated with the parking shortage on campus, but University neighbors may be the most impacted by the lack of parking spots. UM News reporter, Eric Allen, found out where U-M students are parking, that isn't on campus.

Campus Energy

Energy reduction and conservation efforts are at the forefront of todays hottest issues, and energy efficient light bulbs, washers, and water heaters are more abundant than ever.
Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Ryan Corwin take a closer look at the University of Montana's energy supply on campus.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Elton John Ticket Scalping

Even though tickets to this month's Elton John concert in Missoula are completely sold out, there are other ways of obtaining a ticket to the event. UM News Reporter Kerry McKay and photographer Jason Hendrickson report on what fans, like Yvonne McGaughey (left), are doing now that some tickets are being sold online for upwards of $1,000. (Click the video link below.)

International House

The international community at UM recently updated their activity center. UM News reporter Brandon Gondeiro finds out what changes were made to the International House. (Click on video link below.)

Grizzly Soccer Standouts

From middle school, to high school and now to the University of Montana, a pair of soccer players are making names for themselves. Reporter Wayne Stell and photographer Brandon MacDonald tell us who they are. (Click video link below.)

Emergency Contraceptive Coupon

At the beginning of every semester at the University of Montana, businesses get the chance to reach out to the student population in a free coupon book. And as reporter Amanda Harris and photographer Layne Fisher found out, even Planned Parenthood bought a spot in the Campus Special.

ASUM President

There's a new president leading the Associated Students of the University of Montana this year. Dustin Leftridge (second from right) wants to bridge the gap between U of M and the outside community by getting people involved in events off campus. Reporter Irina Cates and photographer Chris Spencer introduce us to Leftridge and his typical day at work.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Coming Up On UM News...

  • Don't have a ticket for the Elton John Concert? Reporter Kerry McKay and Jason Hendrickson discover other ways to obtain tickets.
  • Reporter Amanda Harris and Photographer Layne Fisher are investigating birth control coupons.
  • Reporter Wayne Stell and Photographer Brandon MacDonald are profiling two soccer players who have something in common.
  • Reporter Brandon Gondeiro takes a deeper look to the reopening and remodeling of the international house.
  • Find out what president Reporter Irina Cates and Photographer Chris Spencer followed this week on UM NEWS.

KPAX will air this show on Montana This Morning September 18, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Firefighter Nutrition

Big Sky Catering has teamed up with UM to improve sack lunches to better maintain firefighters' energy levels throughout the day. Reporter Megan Taylor and photographer Byron Norris went to the Sawmill fire camp to see how firefighters get enough calories to maintain energy throughout the day. (Click video below.)

Griz Card Access

Some Missoulians are under the impression that Griz cards are available for everyone. Can anyone get a Griz card? And what good is a Griz card to someone who's not a student at the University? Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Cristin Rennick looked into what it means to be a Griz card holder. (Click the video link below.)

UM Campus Ministries

From church to a lecture hall to a local bar, UM students find a number of places to connect to their faith.Reporter Katie Stukey and photographer Ryan Corwin found out how two campus ministry groups prove that atmosphere can make all the difference. (Click the video link below.)

Steamin' Construction

Walking around campus you can hardly avoid construction. Several buildings have areas gated off to make way for new steam tunnels. Reporter Ashleigh Ebert and photographer Cody Munson found out how the steam tunnel construction affects the daily grind on campus. (Click on video link below.)

Coffee Break

Students have two priorities. Money, and staying awake during class. Reporter Eli Hermann and photographer Andrew Granbois find out what happens when these two prerogatives butt heads. (Click on video link below.)

Missoula Airport Closure and UM Athletics

With the closure of the Missoula International Airport, Griz teams are preparing for bus rides before they fly to events in Illinois, South Dakota, and Oregon. UM News has the story. (Click video link below.)

Maintenance crews working at the Missoula International Airport. 2007

RUSH Week at UM

It was a whole new attitude with fraternity RUSH Week at the University of Montana. Reporter Wayne Stell and photographer Chris Spencer have the story. (Click on video link below.)

Students enjoying Greek Life's annual Rush. 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

U-Dash at UM

The University of Montana offers students an alternative way to travel downtown during the evening hours. It's called U-Dash. Reporter Kim Cosgrove and photographer Brandon MacDonald have the story. (Click the video link below.)

Maryann Schulz is a regular on the University's late night bus system.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Guns on Campus

How would you feel if you saw a student walking around campus with a gun? Sounds scary, but what if you knew that the student was just on their way to go hunting. Does that change your point of view? The University of Montana allows students to store their guns on campus. Reporter Amanda Harris and Photographer Alex Krigsvold take a look at the gun policy on campus. (Click on video link below.)

Miller Hall at the University of Montana. 2007

Campus Safety

After the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, campuses across the country changed their safety procedures. So what about the University of Montana? Photographer Jason Hendrickson and reporter Lauren Pedrick have the story. (Click video link below.)

To learn more about campus safety and ways to become safer click on Public Safety

Thursday, September 6, 2007

UM News Preview for September 11, 2007

Fraternity Rush Week
This week on UM News.......
  • Reporter Wayne Stell and Photographer Chris Spencer investigate the changes for this year's Fraternity Rush Week. (Photo above)
  • Reporter Amanda Harris and Photographer Alex Krigsvold report on the University's Campus gun policy.
  • Reporter Kim Cosgrove and Photographer Brandon MacDonald explain the late night bus system called UDash.
  • Reporter Brandon Gondiero and Photographer Aricka Turner report on how the closure of the Missoula International Airport affects student athletes.
  • Reporter Lauren Pedrick and Photographer Jason Hendrickson explore the University of Montana's campus security.
KPAX will air this show on Montana This Morning on Tuesday September 11, 2007