Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Soldier Care Packages

Students at the university are showing their support for the troops. Reporter, Gillette Vaira, and photographer, Alison Kilts, interviewed the College Republicans to find out more about the care packages they send to soldiers deployed to Iraq.

The group is taking donations to help provide care packages for soldiers. Email them at chair@mtcr.org to find out how to help.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Animeals is offering a "Home for the Holidays" adoption promotion. Reporter Amy Quinlivan and photographer Erin Schermele found one UM alum who is bringing a furry cat to her home.

Animeals from Erin Schermele on Vimeo.

Monday, November 22, 2010

International Week

International Week celebarates all the things that the various international programs bring the University of Montana. Whether its an International Students attending the UM or programs that allow UM students the chance to study abroad. Reporter Garrett Browne found one international student stealing the show at the opening ceremonies with some helpful words for students thinking about Traveling overseas.
If you or someone you know would like more information click here for more on International Programs...

Maroon Show November 22, 2010

Wrestling rings and academic excellence, headline Maroon News on November 22, 2010. Kristina Matsalak and Jake Stevenson anchored the show. Tyler Velin produced, and Katrina Shull directed. Enjoy!

Frontier States Wrestling School

A UM student is teaching wrestling fans how to take a hit like the pros at the new Frontier States Wrestling School. Reporter Kaelyn Kelly and photographer Cody Johnson found out what it takes to survive in the ring.

Kyi-Yo Club

    The Kyi-Yo Native American Student Association is raising money for this year's Pow Wow event that attracts native American tribes from the community.
    Reporter Kristina Matsalak and photographer Keith Hensley found out how the club plans to prepare for an event.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bump, Set, Study

Student athletes at The University of Montana show their hard work whether they're playing in a game or hitting the books. Reporter Jake Stevenson and photographer Dan LaDue learned how these athletes keep their grades above average.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Max Wave Fundraiser

People around the Missoula community are raising money in hopes of building another man-made kayaking spot similar to Brennan's Wave by Caras Park. Reporter Brad Peers and photographer Matt Seder found out the challenges with trying to raise half a million dollars.

Hair Fever

University of Montana drama students are getting ready for their role in the upcoming play "Hay Fever" by cutting their hair for a 1920s look. The excess hair was donated to create wigs for cancer patients that have undergone chemotherapy. Reporter Vince Bagby and photographer Drew Stanley went to see a drastic change that one student went through to prepare for her role.

Hair Fever from Drew Stanley on Vimeo.

Silver UM News 11.17.10

Welcome to UM News for November 17th, 2010! Join the Silver team as they bring you news on the Brawl of the Wild, explore how UM actors are giving back, and much more. This program is anchored by Chenelle Smith and Katie Mansfield, produced by Emily Adamson, and directed by Sheya Rivard.

Cat/Griz Ticket Sale

3,100 students waited to get Cat/Griz tickets on Sunday, but the line started at 6:30pm on Saturday, because the first 400 are eligible for guest passes. Reporter Chenelle Smith and photographer Alison Kilts waited with the student for the clock to hit 3pm, when the tickets officially went on sale.

Blood Drive

Fans, students, and alumni gathered in the UC for the fifth annual Brawl of the Wild Blood Drive, a competition between UM and MSU. Reporter Katie Mansfield found out why some rolled up their sleeves for the griz.


Some UM students have hopes for Hollywood... and others are finishing work for local screens. Students in the School of Media Arts are writing, directing, and editing their own movies. Reporter, Gillette Vaira, discovered what one graduate student is creating.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Benefit for Pakistan

A number of concerned groups gathered at the University of Montana to help bring relief to Pakistani flood victims.  The benefit was a fundraiser for PODA, a Pakistan based advocacy group for the welfare of women and children. Reporter Amy Quinlivan, and Photographer Keith Hensley went to see why so many organizations were there to lend a hand.


The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, formally known as food stamps has grown 50% in the past two years. Reporter Jake Stevenson and photographer Erin Schermele found one UM student who is benefiting from the program.

SNAP from Erin Schermele on Vimeo.

UM Maroon Show

This week, UM Maroon Team reporters found out what the University is doing to prepare for the flu season.  Reporters also discovered that UM is lacking scholarships for foreign students.  Amy Quinlivan and Kristina Matsalak anchored the show. Brittany Wooley produced and Ava Shearer directed the newscast.

UM Health Fair

   Flu season is in town and the University of Montana is trying to promote healthy living on campus.
Reporter Kristina Matsalak and Photographer Cody Johnson found out how students can learn about their health.

International Scholarships

There are currently 430 International Students from more than 70 countries enrolled at the University of Montana. But despite that diversity, there is only one scholarship specifically for international students offered through UM. Reporter Tyler Velin and Photographer Katrina Shull found out more on a program hoping to boost international scholarships.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cool Pool

The Climate Action Plan calls for UM to reach carbon neutrality by 2020. Reporter Kaelyn Kelly found out how driving to school can still be Eco-friendly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leaf Raking

Students from fraternities and sororities around the University area went to houses to rake yards for donations to the food bank. Reporter Brad Peers found out how they are lending a helping hand.

UM News-silver

In this UM News edition you may find many interesting stories such as Equestrian, Can the Cats, or Theft Bikes anchored by Brad Peers and Gillette Vaira and produced and directed by Shaun Rainey and Khushnuda Shukurova.

Missoula Mountain Biking

The geography and scenery surrounding the University of Montana is a major factor in attracting students. Reporter Vince Bagby rode up to the Rattlesnake Wilderness to see how a couple UM students are spending their afternoons doing what they love.

Can the Cats

UM students and Missoula residents are hoping to beat the Bobcats this month in more than just football. Reporter Emily Adamson and Photographer Drew Stanley found out how one group is turning the Brawl of the Wild into a project to help out the Missoula community with the 11th annual Can the Cats food drive.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UM Equestrian Team Hosts Fall Showcase

UM students participate in many outdoor activities. Some students jump right into the action while others take off trotting. Reporter Chenelle Smith and photographer Sheya Rivard found out how the equestrian team mixes its love of animals with the thrill of competition.

UM Bike Thefts

Students are dealing with bike thefts on campus, and the UM Police are keeping track of each reported case. Students can register their bikes with the Office of Public Safety to help them if their bikes get stolen. Police suggest using U-locks instead of cable locks to secure bikes. Reporter, Gillette Vaira, and photographer, Matt Seder, discovered how one student has dealt with the loss of his bike outside the University Center on campus.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Timber Sale

Forestry students are helping the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation plan the harvest of nearly 1 million board feet of timber. The senior level class Timber Management gives students real world experience outside of the classroom. Reporter Jake Stevenson and photographer Cody Johnson caught up with the class deep in Montana's back country.

UM News 11/8/10

In this edition of UM News find out how The University of Montana plans to distribute future loan refunds, and how one University group is reaching out to the community on behalf of adult autism awareness. Tyler Velin and Amy Quinlivan bring you these stories and more. Garrett Browne produced and Dan LaDue directed.

UM News 11/8/10 from Dan LaDue on Vimeo.

UM Debit Cards

UM is going paperless with UM-themed debit cards. The new program will help to electronically disburse all future financial aid and refund payments. Reporter Kristina Matsalak and photographer Keith Hensley found out what changes UM students are going to face.

The University of Montana offers a variety of dance classes for students to enjoy. Most of the classes are for introductory level students in a casual setting. But reporter Tyler Velin found out that there is nothing casual about the quality of teaching, as he met Missoula's very own Dancing Queen.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Raking Leaves for Autism Awareness

The UM Neuro-Networking Club is raking leaves to raise awareness of adult autism.   Reporter Brittany Wooley and photographer Ava Shearer found out how the fundraiser is connecting adults with autism to the community.

COT Welding

The COT at UM has earned national recognition for student welding projects. Eleven students in the welding program won awards from the James F. Lincoln Foundation for projects they created. Reporter Amy Quinlivan and Photographer Katrina Shull found one award winner who placed second for an aluminum drift boat.

The Nutcracker

The Garden City Ballet keeps the tradition of the holiday season alive with their annual performance of the Nutcracker. This is their 25th anniversary putting on the show. Reporter Brad Peers and photographer Matt Seder found out what makes the show so special.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Speech and Debate

UM students are having fun while working with local speech and debate teams. Reporter Chenelle Smith found out how Missoula high school students are benefiting from the collaboration with younger coaches. This weekend Missoula will be hosting a speech and debate competition at Big Sky and Sentinel High Schools.Judges wanted.

Grizzly Men's Basketball

11th UM Grizzly men's basketball season kicks off November 4th against Lewis and Clark State. The Griz will look to follow up on last years success, but will have to do so without one of the best scores in Montana history, Anthony Johnson.
Reporter Shaun Rainy and photographer Khushnuda Shukurova found if the Griz want to get back to the NCAA tournament they will have to do so with some new faces.

Intramural Sports Running Late

University of Montana intramural sports are running later into the night than ever before. Reporter Vince Bagby caught up with some of the competitors to see how they're handling the late nights.

UM News Silver Team Nov. 3rd, 2010

Welcome to this week's edition of UM News. From early morning rehearsals for the upcoming Nutcracker to late night intramural basketball games, anchors Emily Adamson and Vince Bagby share the latest news. Katie Mansfield produced this show and Alison Kilts directed.

Elementary Ed Majors Get Moving

UM's elementary education majors are learning to teach to a wide variety of learning styles. Reporter Emily Adamson and photographer Sheya Rivard found out how one class is keeping future teachers moving.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead Steamroller Project

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Day of the Dead Steamroller Print Project at the University.With the help of modern technology art students bring an ancient art into the 21st century.
Reporter Kristina Matsalak and photographer Ava Shearer found out what makes each print special.

UM News Maroon 11.1.10

Welcome to this week's edition of UM News. This week we uncover what researchers are doing to combat the pine beetle problem and how heavy machinery brings a modern touch to traditional artwork. This show was anchored by Brittany Wooley and Tyler Velin. Kaelyn Kelly produced and Erin Schermele directed.

Pine Beetle Mania

The mountain pine beetle has devastated millions of acres of forest in Montana.  Reporter Brittany Wooley and photographer Dan LaDue went to U-M's Lubrecht Experimental Forest to find out what is happening with the pine beetle population.

Wilderness Survival

Take-A-Break Tuesday offers students at the University of Montana an opportunity to learn unique life skills. Reporter Tyler Velin and Photographer Keith Hensley explored the most recent class on wilderness survival.

UM Entertainment Program

The UM Entertainment Management Program is offering a new Artist Development class. This hands on experience teaches students how to promote local talent with the help of entertainment experts. Photographer/Reporter Katrina Shull and Garrett Browne found one student benefiting from the class.