Thursday, September 30, 2010

Native Student Retention

The University of Montana is currently home to the largest number of self-identified Native American students its ever had. However the University is worried that many of those students won't make it to graduation. Reporter Vince Bagby and photographer Matt Seder found out what the University is doing to keep those students in school.

Bow Hunting

Two students are hunting a little different this year. Reporter Katie Mansfield found out how these avid bow hunters are taking aim at national spotlight.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Engstrom Named New UM President

The University of Montana will shift leadership roles this autumn. Reporter Chenelle Smith and Photographer Sheya Rivard learned what UM's 17th President plans to do in office.

UM News Silver Team

Welcome to the September 29th edition of UM News. Chenelle Smith and Vince Bagby anchored the program. Emily Adamson produced and Alison Kilts directed.
Find out what Provost Royce Engstrom's top priorities are, the reasoning behind the highest enrollment of Native American students ever in the history of UM, and what two students are doing to make it onto 'Hunting Idol.'

UM Traditions

History at UM goes back many year through traditions. Reporter Brad Peers and photographer Miranda Dalpiaz look into why traditions build long lasting relationships.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mature Work Force

The unemployment rate in Montana increased again in August from 7.3 to 7.4 percent. Reporter, Gillette Vaira, and photographer, Khushnuda Shukurova, spoke with Experience Works in Missoula and discovered how members of the mature work force are faring.

UM News Maroon 9-28-2010

Welcome to the September 28th edition of UM News. Amy Quinlivan and Kristina Matsalak anchored the program. Brittany Wooley produced and Dan LaDue directed.

Rhodes To Glory

Andrew Selle was the starting quaterback for the Montana Grizzlies until an injury ended his senior season. Reporter Tyler Velin and photographer Cody Johnson sat down with Selle to see the unique award this student athlete is now pursuing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sorority Recruitment

Greek life recruitment at the University of Montana is at its highest since 2008. Reporter Amy Quinlivan and photographer Ava Shearer went to one sorority to find why more students are joining.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Native American FIG

For the first time this semester UM organized Native American Freshman Interest Group to help students get familiar with campus and life away from home. Freshman interest group for Native American students meets in Payne Family Native American Center where students learn how to get around campus and adjust to other classes.
Reporter Kristina Matsalak and photographer Keith Hensley attended the class to find out more.

Griz U-Money

The U-Money system offers students and parents the opportunity to deposit money onto the Griz card. The student can then shop at one of the 49 vendors. Reporter Jake Stevenson and photographer Katrina Shull found out the recent changes to the U-Money system are creating problems for some of those vendors.

Student Employment

Many University of Montana students are looking for work to pay for the rising cost of college. Over the last decade in-state tuition has increased by more than 110 percent. Reporter Kaelyn Kelly found one UM student trying to navigate the job market.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The University of Montana is home for 430 foreign students from 75 different countries. Japan make up the largest number of students currently enrolling in UM among those countries. Reporter Bradley Peers and Photographer Khushnuda Shukurova found out how a Japanese students spends her time with her host family.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nguyen Impresses Griz Nation

At just five foot eight and Vietnamese... Peter Nguyen doesn't look like your typical collegiate runningback. Reporter Vince Bagby and photographer Allison Kilts uncovered why the University of Montana gave him an opportunity that other schools wouldn't.

COT Student Built House Raffle

For only one hundred bucks you can have a chance at winning a brand new three bedroom two bath house. Reporter Chenelle Smith and photographer Miranda Dalpiaz arrived on location to get a look inside this new construction.

Welcome to Team Silver's second UM News show. This show is anchored by Brad Peers and Chenelle Smith. This show was produced by Shaun Rainey and directed by Drew Stanley.

Recycling Overload

The University of Montana has close to 80 recycling pick-up locations on and off campus. UM News reporter, Gillette Vaira, discovered how student recycling employees are keeping up with the mass amounts of recyclables the UM campus produces.

Grizzly Gondola Rides

It can be hassle for college students to find a ride home from the bars. Reporter Emily Adamson and Photographer Sheya Rivard found out how one UM student's business provides an unusual way to get customers home safely.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cult Fitness

UM News reporter Tyler Velin and photographer Dan LaDue visited Crossfit Montana to get the scoop on the underground workout sensation that is sweeping the nation.

International Students

From Myanmar to Macedonia, 422 students from 75 countries attended the University of Montana last fall. It's the job of international student association to make those students feel at home. Reporter Jake Stevenson met with the head of the association to find out how the University helps foreign students adjust to life in Montana.

Monday, September 20, 2010

UM Bike Repair Class

Biking is popular at the University of Montana, and with all those bikes there's bound to be a few malfunctions. Luckily students have access to a do-it-yourself bike repair shop to keep their bikes running like well oiled machines. Reporter Amy Quinlivan and photographer Keith Hensley took a closer look.

UM News Maroon 9.20.10

Welcome to Team Maroon's second edition of UM News. This show is anchored by Tyler Velin and Amy Quinlivan. This show was produced by Garrett Browne and directed by Erin Schermele.

Self-Defense Class for Women

UM offers a class in self-defense that teaches women to fight back against an attacker. Reporter Kristina Matsalak and photographer Ava Shearer found the techniques that allow women to overpower a larger opponent without needing superior strength.
For more information on the class visit

Sunday, September 19, 2010

UM Tobacco Ban

The University of Montana is banning all tobacco products in the fall of 2011. Reporter Brittany Wooley and photographer Katrina Shull found out that students and faculty are divided on the issue.

Friday, September 17, 2010

UM News Silver for September 16, 2010

Welcome to the Silver Team's first edition of UM News for 2010. University of Montana broadcast journalism students Emily Adamson and Brad Peers anchor today's show. Katie Mansfield produced the program and Matt Seder directed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

UM Students Help Coach High School Football

The high school football season is underway and one local team is getting help from an unexpected duo. Reporter Emily Adamson and photographer Miranda Dalpiaz found two University of Montana students taking lessons from the classroom to the field.

Reporter Brad Peers and photographer Drew Stanley do a story on the effects that energy drinks can have on your body.

Farm to College's Fall Feastival

The Farm To College Program is sponsoring the Fall Feastival to encourage more locally grown food on campus. Reporter Shaun Rainey and photographer Alison Kilts found out what the dinner is all about.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grizzly Baseball Gets Underway

The Montana Grizzlies baseball team finished with a winning conference record last year for the first time since the National Club Baseball Association started back in 2000. However the team finished just one place short of advancing to the regionals tournament. This year the team is already working hard to change that and make their first regionals appearance. Reporter Vince Bagby caught up with the team at their open tryouts to find out how.

Going Green at UM

Everyday on the University of Montana campus lattes are made for students and faculty. In return for their morning fix consumers are helping to keep the University Center plant life vibrant. Reporter Chenelle Smith found out how this idea is becoming routine.
For more information on new green ideas here at the University of Montana click on the following link.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Overcrowded Dorms

One hundred and eighty UM students found themselves in temporary housing to begin the school year.
Students who were late with housing applications had to share rooms with as many as five other. people. Some students are living in study lounges, without storage for clothes and school supplies. They have to keep everything in boxes until a permanent housing space opens up. Reporter Kristina Matsalak found that they're paying... in more ways than one.

Katie Baker Injury

Katie Baker suffered a season ending knee injury last year, cutting her freshman season short. Reporter Tyler Velin and photographer Ava Shearer caught up with the now sophomore to check on her rehabilitation process.

The Fry Bread Queen

For a play to reach opening night it must start somewhere, and as Reporter Garrett Browne and Photographer Dan Ladue found, sometimes that somewhere is the University of Montana.

Culinary Arts

The College of Technology provides culinary students with valuable hands on experience. Reporter Amy Quinlivan and Photographer Erin Schermele found one future chef who cooks with a special ingredient.

UM News Maroon for September 13, 2010

Welcome to the Maroon team's first edition of UM News for 2010. University of Montana broadcast journalism students Brittany Wooley and Tyler Velin anchor today's show. Kaelyn Kelly produced the program and Cody Johnson directed. UM News airs across the state on Montana's News Station affiliates.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Textbook Rental

UM students spend an average of 500 dollars a semester on textbooks. UM News reporter Brittany Wooley and photographer Katrina Shull found out what the University Bookstore is doing to lower textbook costs.