Thursday, November 29, 2007

UM News Maroon Preview Show

Reporter Kim Cosgrove finds how Santa Claus is helping local Missoula families during the holidays.
Reporter Kerry McKay and photographer Brandon MacDonald find one University student who is helping to give a needy family a happy holiday.
Reporter Brandon Gondeiro and Photographer Chris Spencer visit with a University of Montana ceramics class during there annual holiday art sale.
Reporter Wayne Stell, along with Photographer Jason Hendrickson, investigate how the stadium expansion will affect campus life in the next few months.
and reporter Amanda Harris and photographer Layne Fisher talk with two UM alumni about their project that will grant greater information access to those previously denied it.

The show will be aired on KPAX in the morning on December 4th.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Shave November

November brings traditions such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and sometimes the first snowfall. Reporter Brandon Gondeiro found a tradition that some say dates back to the Middle Ages being celebrated today at U-M.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Myspace Background Checks

Employers are catching on to Myspace and Facebook to do background checks on future employees. Reporter Megan Taylor and Photographer Cristin Rennick went to see exactly how many businesses use this process.
To visit Myspace or Facebook, click on the links.
For more about The University of Montana Career Services click on the link.

American Indian Student Services

American Indian Student Services at UM promotes academic success, while addressing the educational and cultural barriers that Native students face. Reporter Eric Allen discovered how the AISS program helps UM's Native students. 

Religious Speech

Each week at UM students gather, listen, and voice their opinions to a controversial religious speaker.
UM News Reporter Jackie Bartz found out what happens when students exercise their free speech.

Freshman 15

Along with stressful class loads and living away from home for the first time, college freshman face the stereotypical "Freshman 15."
Reporter Katie Stukey uncovers the truth behind the famed weight gain.

UM Drug Testing

Recent arrests of three Griz football players on drug related charges have some questioning the effectiveness of UM's drug testing policy.
Reporter Melanie Overcast takes a closer look at athletic drug testing.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sigma Nu Hazing Laws

The Sigma Nu Fraternity says it has always been against hazing of its members. But recently the University of Montana Chapter took this belief one step further, redefining hazing in an attempt to eradicate the practice all together. Reporter Lauren Pedrick and Photographer John Zimmerman take a closer look at the changes.

Mandy Morales

There is a Lady Griz basketball player from Billings tearing it up on the court this year.Reporter Wayne Stell and photographer Aricka Turner paid a visit with her.

To see the Lady Griz basketball schedule click here

UM News Silver Preview for Thursday Nov. 29th, 2007

UM News Silver Preview for 11/29/07


As the holidays approach, not everyone is filled with the joy of the season.Reporter Rob Ashley and photographer Layne Fisher found out how winter leaves some people feeling blue.

To see what activities are going on visit UM"s event calendar.

Kenya Orphanage

This week at UM there are over 700 people wearing orange T-shirts, reporter Kim Cosgrove looks into the reason behind the lastest fashion trend.

Click here to help with Kenya Orphanages

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UM News Maroon Team November 20

UM News Maroon Team November 20, 2007. Anchored by Wayne Stell and Brandon Gondeiro. Produced by Kerry McKay and directed by Brandon MacDonald.

Jubileers in concert... a little extra jazz!

The Jubileers entertain a crowd in the University Theater. Extra content provided by Adam Winger.

Selvig family tradition continues at UM

"Selvig" is not an unknown name to Grizzly Basketball...that's because it just keeps on coming back again and again.
Reporter Irina Cates tells us how the Selvig legacy continues today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Maroon Preview

Coming up this week on UM News. This show will air on Tuesday, November 27 on KPAX during the morning show.

Toilet Day

National Toilet Day is Monday November 19. Reporter Lauren Pedrick and photographer Chris Spencer investigate this unsung hero or waste disposal.

Culinary School

The Culinary school at the UM College of Technology is the only nationally accredited cooking school in the state. Reporter Amanda Harris met some budding chefs and found out the school is growing and improving as much as its student.

Food Bank

Cat Griz competitions aren't just limited to the gridiron. Reporter Rob Ashley and photographer Aricka Turner investigate the Food Bank throw down.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UM News Silver Show for: 11/15/07

UM News Silver for November 15, 2007
Anchored by Megan Taylor and Eli Hermann
Directed by Ryan Corwin
Produced by Ashleigh Ebert
(click on video link below)

UM Jubileers

The Jubileers are the University of Montana's vocal jazz ensemble that perform a variety of jazz and popular styles of music.
UM News reporter, Eric Allen, opened his ears to the "Jubes" latest performance.

File Sharing

Many students use file sharing software to off set the cost of CDs.
But illegal downloading is a thorn in the side of the Recording Industry Association of America and many music artists. University policy does not directly address illegal file sharing, The closest it gets is condemning using too much bandwidth, which can slow down the network.

Curry Health Center

Curry Health Center cares for University of Montana students every day. But some say they're leaving less than happy.
UM News reporter Melanie Overcast and photographer Byron Norris finds out how disgruntled students can make their voices heard.(Click link below.)

Student Midterm Stress

When midterms and snow clouds are on the horizon, many students reach their pinnacle of stress.
UM News reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Andrew Granbois look into some ways to alleviate this common University ailment. (Click link below.)

Black Friday

Holidays are fast approaching and stores across the nation are getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year.
UM News reporter Megan Taylor and photographer Oliver Sommerauer talked to a few store owners and students on how they prepare for this busy day. (Click link below.)

UM News Silver Preview

Check out what UM News Silver has coming your way soon...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ping Pong Club

The Associated Students at the University of Montana sponsors nearly 200 club activities. UM News reporter Brandon Gondeiro met the newest club's founder who brings an international flavor to his group. (click on video link below)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

UM News Maroon Team Preview

Please click the video to see a preview of our next show that will air on November 19, 2007. (produced by Layne Fisher with reporter Wayne Stell)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Driving Highway 93

The phrase, "Pray for me, I drive 93," may ring true a bit more these days due to a new speed limit increase. Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Andrew Granbois give us an update on how the new speed is doing. (Click video link below.)

For more information on Highway 93 click on the weblink below.

Miss Montana

It's not unusual for college students to juggle school, work, and extra activities.But UM News reporter Melanie Overcast and photographer Byron Norris found one student balancing newfound celebrity with an already busy life. (Click video link below.)

Beer Pong Tables

It's no secret that many college students like to drink. But UM News reporter Katie Stukey and photographer Ryan Corwin found one drinking game that has college students showing their artistic side. (Click video link below.)

'Can the Cats' Food Drive

Even if you can't run forty yards in a few seconds or throw a pigskin the length of Washington-Grizzly Stadium, you can still aid the the Griz in winning the Brawl of the Wild. UM News reporter Eli Hermann and photographer Oliver Sommerauer found out you "can" contribute. (Click video link below.)

Missoula Flagship Program

The Missoula school district gives money to all the local schools for afterschool programs. The Flagship program provides skill building activities that students don't recieve during reglar school hours. UM News reporter Ashleigh Ebert and photographer Adam Winger explored a yoga class and how it helps the students and volunteers. (Click video link below.)

For more information on Missoula Flagship programs click on the weblink below

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

UM News - Maroon Team - November 6, 2007

Here's the UM News broadcast for November 6, 2007 with anchors Kerry McKay and Rob Ashley and the UM News Maroon team. (Click video link below.)

Visit the University of Montana School of Journalism's WEBSITE for up-to-date information on students and faculty of the UM Journalism School.

Autumn Prank at UM

Students look to Main Hall with amazement each autumn. But the glares are not for the historic architecture or rustic beauty of the buliding but rather the result of a devilish prank. UM News reporter Rob Ashley and Photographer Alex Krigsvold discovered how a prankster defies gravity. (Click video link below.)

Monday, November 5, 2007

UM News Preview for Nov. 8th

UM News preview for the November 8th broadcast on KECI. With anchor Megan Taylor and Cody Munson for the UM News Silver Team.

Teachers Teaching Teachers at UM

Students come from all over to attend the University of Montana.
But in this case it’s the teachers that will do the learning.
Reporter Amanda Harris and photographer Chris Spencer found out why one group of teachers traveled farther than most to learn at UM. (Click video link below)

Steamroller Art at UM

Art at the University of Montana now requires heavy machinery.
UM News Reporter and special Day of the Dead correspondent Kerry McKay discovered how a steam roller worked its way into a print making class. (Click video link below.)

Ronald McDonald House Volunteers from UM

One non-profit organization in Missoula offers plenty of volunteer opportunities for UM students.
Reporter Wayne Stell and photographer Brandon MacDonald caught up with one student volunteering her time at that organization. (Click video link below.)

Montana's Selvig Celebrates 30th Season

This year's basketball season will mark Robin Selvig's 30th year as the Lady Griz head coach. UM News reporter Irina Cates takes a look at Selvig's legendary career at the University of Montana. (Click video link below.)

Click on video below to watch a short portion of Irina Cates' interview
with Lady Griz head coach Robin Selvig.

November 6th 2007 Preview

In this week's edition of Maroon team's UM News:
-Reporter Amanda Harris and photographer Chris Spencer look at a group of teachers from China who are learning at U-M.
-Reporter Wayne Stell and photographer Brandon MacDonald look at one UM student, taking time to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.
-Reporter Kerry McKay and photographer Aricka Turner take step two in the process of making prints for the Day of the Dead parade.
-Reporter Rob Ashley and photographer Alex Krigsvold try and catch up with the man who puts the pumpkin on top of UM's Main Hall.
-And finally, reporter Irina Cates and photographer Layne Fisher examines the career of Lady Griz head coach Robin Selvig.
Be sure to catch this week's edition of UM News with anchors Rob Ashley and Kerry McKay, Tuesday, November 6th in Montana This Morning, on KPAX.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tuning in Porcupines

University of Montana graduate student Katie Mally is on the hunt for porcupines, but not for the kill. UM News reporter Eli Hermann and photographer Cody Munson have the story. (Click video link below.)

UM News Silver Show

Here is the full episode of UM News that aired 11/01/07 on KECI, with anchors Melanie Overcast and Jackie Bartz.

Produced by Eric Allen and Directed by Adam Winger.