Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UM News for September 28, 2011

Senior broadcast journalism majors Dustin Klemann and Beth Beechie anchor today's broadcast of UM News. Tara Oster produced the program. Bernie Riggs was today's director. Feel free to give us your comments on the program. UM News is a production of the Radio-Television Department at the University of Montana School of Journalism. (Click below to watch UM News.)

Drumline leader goes out with a bang

Campbell Youngblood-Petersen and the rest of the UM Drumline kicked off homecoming week this week. Young blood-Petersen's passion toward percussion shines through the way he leads his drumline. UM News photographer Scott Ranf and reporter Beth Beechie figured out that the combination of camaraderie and hard work sets Youngblood-Petersen and the UM Drumline apart from the rest of the marching band. See the video below for the full story.

Middle School and High School Students Attending Math Classes at UM

High school and middle school students from all over the Missoula area attended classes at the University of Montana's Math Day. Students were introduced to the kinds of math they will be learning in college in fun and interactive ways. UM News reporter Katherine Kettering attended the event. To see more click on the video below.

University of Montana celebrates American Indian Heritage Day

UM graduate student and Siletz tribe member Josh Avery danced at the American Indian Heritage Day on Friday. This day recognize and celebrate Native American heritage in Montana and nation wide.
UM News reporter Stephanie Hansen and photographer Dizhi Ge attended the event.

The University of Montana hosts dancer from India to promote new minor.

Indian dancer Aniruddan Vasudevan visited the University of Montana campus to promote the addition of a new South and Southeast Asian studies minor.
UM News reporter Faith Cronin and photographer Matt DeBray take you to Vasudevan's performance in the PARTV Building on campus at the University of Montana.

To read more about the new classes that will be available, click here.

University of Montana is Preparing Map Makers for a Growing Job Market

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics says employment opportunities for cartographers will increase 27% by 2018. Students in the UM Geography Department's Advanced Cartography class are gaining the hands on experience necessary to be competitive in the job market. UM News Reporter Annemiek Wilson and Photographer Maeghan Simmons went into the classroom to find out more, (click below to see video).

Wheelchair Access a Challenge on Campus

At least three buildings at the University of Montana campus are inaccessible to students in wheelchairs. Students who want to speak with the President of the university have to meet with him outside of his office because of a lack of any accessible entrances. Disability Services for students and ADSUM help students who require special considerations when it comes to classroom accessibility. Reporter Adrienne Ellsworth and photographer Katie Radford met with one U-M student who had to make some modifications to take required courses.

University of Montana Goes Green With Reusable To-Go Boxes

The University of Montana recently added one more eco-friendly initiative to save money and reduce waste. Reporter Emily Foster and photographer Brad Peers found out what makes these boxes a greener option for take-out.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Alta Gracia apparel heightens social responsibility

A new apparel contract between the University of Montana and Knight's Alta Gracia now gives people a socially responsible option to purchasing apparel. The company is one of the few apparel brands that pay their employees a living wage. This includes the ability for employees to pay for food, clothing, housing, and education. The main goal of Alta Gracia isn't just to pay workers a living wage, but to make consumers and the apparel business more socially responsible one shirt at a time. UM News reporter Dustin Klemann and photographer Brad Peers bring us the story. (Click above to watch the video.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UM News for September 21, 2011

University of Montana broadcast journalism majors Adrienne Ellsworth and Faith Cronin anchor this week's edition of UM News. Katherine Kettering produced the newscast. Maegan Simmons was the director. (Click below to see this week's newscast.)

University of Montana Receives $9.9 Million Science Grant

The University of Montana's Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics is $9.9 million richer. Thanks to a grant from the National Institutes of Health, the center can now afford to fund research projects and finish construction on the Interdisciplinary Science Building. UM News reporter Adrienne Ellsworth and photographer Katie Radford filed this report. (Click below to see video.)

UM Students Enjoy Locally Grown Food at Farm to College Feastival

University of Montana students have access to local food every day on campus, but once a year the university steps it up a notch. UM News reporter Tara Oster and photographer Scott Ranf tempt your taste buds at the 2nd annual "Fall Feastival" at UM. (Click below to see the story.)

Air Quality Affects UM Athletes

Burning fires continue to send smoke across the state decreasing Montana's air quality. UM News reporter Faith Cronin and photographer Dizhi Ge take us to Washington-Grizzly Stadium to report how the smoke is affecting UM's athletes. (Click below to see story.)

UM Smoking Ban Changes Tailgating

The University of Montana is now one of 530 colleges nationwide to ban the butts. The campus' tobacco free policy extends to tailgating at the Grizzly football games. How will the fans react? UM News rReporter Faith Cronin and photographer Katie Radford talked to fans and foes of the policy at the season opener. (Click below to see the story.)

To view the policy in its entirety, click here.

UM Student Section Bleachers Removed

The University of Montana's Washington-Grizzly Stadium holds more than 4,000 standing and chanting students every home game. UM News reporter Stephanie Hansen tells us how after five years, UM has finally torn out the last of the student bleachers. (Click below to see the story.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

University of Montana Hosts First-Ever Undie Run

Hundreds of nearly naked students ran across UM's campus last Wednesday. UM News reporter Emily Foster and photographer Matt DeBray found out why these streakers chose to strip in the name of charity. (Click below to see the story.)

UM Teams Up With The U.S. Forest Service

The UM Department of Geography and U.S.F.S. are collaborating to gain a better understanding of surface air temperature in the Northern Rockies. UM News Reporter Annemiek Wilson and Photographer Bernie Riggs ventured into the Rattlesnake to take a closer look.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UM News September 14, 2011

Welcome to the new year of UM News. UM senior broadcast journalism majors Tara Oster and Faith Cronin anchor our broadcast. Stephanie Hansen produced and Matthew DeBray directed this week's program. UM News is a student-produced news program at the University of Montana School of Journalism and Department of Radio-Television.

Law School Celebrates 100 Years and Outstanding Alum

UM News reporter Beth Beechie and photographer Bernie Riggs show why University of Montana Law School alum "Ty" Robinson feels that age is just a number. Robinson is a retired attorney in Missoula who still stays active on University of Montana and Missoula committees.

Non-traditional Students

Roughly 40 percent of America's college students are non-traditional according to a recent study. Coming back to college after so many years in the work force takes some adjusting. Reporter Dustin Klemann and photographer Maegan Simmons caught up with one non-traditional to find out how she balances school life and family life.

UM Alum Starts Community Acupuncture Clinic

University of Montana alum Michael Peluso opened Missoula's first community acupuncture clinic. Peluso says the patient base is growing and he's excited to offer a new kind of health care to the community. UM News reporter Annemiek Wilson went to the clinic to learn about a different style of healing.

University of Montana Soccer Team Starts Strong

The Montana Grizzlies soccer team played their first home match of the season Friday. UM News reporter Emily Foster and photographer Brad Peers found out how the team has already scored more goals in four games than in all of last season.