Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UM News for December 7, 2011

Learn how a UM representative helps a local coffee shop trade directly with El Salvador and celebrate with coach Robin Selvig as he prepares to coach his 1000 game on this week's edition of UM News. Broadcast journalism seniors Dustin Klemann and Emily Foster anchored today's newscast. Tara Oster produced the show, and Scott Ranf directed. UM News airs Thursday mornings at 8:25 a.m. on KPAX-TV in Missoula and KAJ-TV in Kalispell. UM News is a production of the Department of Radio-Television and the School of Journalism at the University of Montana.

UM Grad Student brings lasting global connection to Missoula

The second most traded commodity in the world will soon be taking a direct route to Missoula. UM Peace Corps Representative Dana Foster and Black Coffee Roasting Company are partnering to establish a direct trade relationship with Finca Buena Vista coffee farm in El Salvador. Unlike fair trade, the direct trade model offers quality assurance, meaning roasters have chosen what they feel is the best coffee for their consumers. The market price for coffee can change every day, but on average, roasters that buy direct pay 25% to 40% more for their beans. In simpler terms, if a pound of raw coffee beans normally costs $2.38, the price through direct trade would be $3.50 to $4 per pound. This gives the producers an opportunity to create better working conditions and increase wages. Black Coffee Roasting Company hopes to start offering directly traded coffee by spring 2012. Reporter Annemiek Wilson and photographer Bernie Riggs found out how coffee is finding a new way into our cups. Click below to see video.

Missoula Man Shares How His Life Changed After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

Jason Burrell sustained permanent injuries after being hit by a drunk driver at just 19 years old in 1986. Burrell said he was on a motorcycle, but wasn't wearing a helmet. He sustained a closed head injury that left him unable to speak, but that hasn't stopped him from being involved in the community and helping out.

He volunteers about two times a week at Lewis and Clark Elementary and always reminds the 4th grade student to wear their helmets and stay safe.

UM News reporter Tara Oster and photographer Maegan Simmons met with Jason to learn about his life since the accident.

Culinary Arts Cook-Off

Students of the College of Technology Culinary Arts Program turned up the heat in the UC during a head-to-head cook-off competition. Five students from the culinary team vied for a spot to compete as an individual at the American Culinary Federation’s Culinary Challenge this March in Reno, Nev.
 UM News' Beth Beechie and Katie Radford sat down with chefs and students to see what it takes for students to become successful culinary artists and competitors.

Group Raises Awareness On Violence Against Women

The University of Montana’s Women’s Center partnered with Missoula Women’s for Peace gathered to speak out and raise awareness of violence against women. The gathering on Dec. 2 was to observe the annual worldwide “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.” Participants lit candles and walked in solidarity on Higgins Avenue to raise awareness locally. Photographer Matt DeBray and reporter Dustin Klemann followed the group to see how this group raised awareness on First Friday.

Entertainment Management Students Get Hands-On Experience

UM's school of Business Administration started an Entertainment Management certificate program with less than 30 students. Now almost 10 years later, the program has grown to over 330 students and counting.

This semester, the students put together six concerts at Sean Kelly's Brew Pub. The Fall Freeze Fest is the group's grand finale.

The Entertainment Management Program is pushing to become a minor at the University of Montana. UM News Reporter Adrienne Ellsworth and photographer Scott Ranf found out what keeps this program running.

University of Montana students wrap gifts for the Adopt-A-Family, Adopt-A-Vet programs.

The University of Montana teams up with the Salvation Army, the Poverello Center and Valor House this holiday season for the 15th annual Adopt-A-Family and third annual Adopt-A-Veteran programs. Campus Corps team leader Shanna Ungate says participants can select families and veterans in need and help provide them with gifts, clothing, and other requested items. UM News reporter Faith Cronin and photographer Dizhi Ge chatted with some UM students who say they're happy to help the Missoula community.

University of Montana Jewish Student Union Celebrates Hanukkah Early

The University of Montana's Jewish student union known as Hillel has about twenty members.
Reporter Katherine Kettering and photographer Emily Foster found out how this small, but strong Jewish community keeps their holiday traditions alive during Christmas. 

Robin Selvig Gears Up For His 1000th Career Game As Head Coach

Robin Selvig will reach his 1000th game as head coach of the Lady Griz basketball team at Thursday's game versus Cal State Bakerfield. UM News reporter Stephanie Hansen and photographer Brad Peers went to the Adam's Center to get an inside look at what inspires this coach to have reached such a rare milestone. Selvig has won 762 of 999 games, giving him a 76% win rate over his career. The NCAA says only about half a dozen Division I Women's basketball coaches have ever reached 1,000 games in their career.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UM News for November 30, 2011

Find out how the University of Montana students living near the northside railroad tracks deal with coal dust from passing trains and learn when UM police officers decide to use tasers on this week's edition of UM News. Broadcast journalism seniors Beth Beechie and Dustin Klemann anchored today's newscast. Katherine Kettering produced the show; and Dizhi Ge directed. UM News airs Thursday mornings at 8:25 a.m. on KPAX-TV in Missoula and KAJ-TV in Kalispell. UM News is a production of the Department of Radio-Television and the School of Journalism at the University of Montana.

Peers Reaching Out About Drunk Driving

Peers Reaching Out, or PROs at the University of Montana works to educate students about various health and safety issues including the dangers of drunk driving.
According to their data, 1825 college students die each year from alcohol related injuries. They say the majority of those are due to car crashes.
UM News reporter Tara Oster and photographer Bernie Riggs talked with the PROs to see how they educate students about this issue.

An Increase In Coal Train Traffic Gives Residents A Cause For Concern

Residents aren't the only ones who have staked their claims to their homes. Coal dust has nestled its way into their homes as a permanent, but unwelcome roommate. UM News reporter Stephanie Hansen and photographer Scott Ranf found out how coal is currently affecting students who live near the tracks. Arch Coal contributes 16 percent of America's annual coal, making them the second largest coal producer in the U.S. BNSF and Montana Rail link.  would be shipping the coal. 

Taser Usage Comes To The Forefront In Missoula

The recent tasing of University of Montana football players and two more tasings by Missoula police over the weekend have raised questions about the use of the device. Police officers at the UM's Office of Public Safety and the Missoula Police Department use tasers to protect the public. Reporter Emily Foster and photographer Brad Peers found out when officers can legally use them and just how painful their sting feels.

UM Student Helps Special Olympians Stay in Shape

Special Olympics athletes are gearing up to compete with the help of a UM student. Athletes train twice a week at the Missoula YMCA in preparation for the Montana games in March. UM News reporter Annemiek Wilson and photographer Maegan Simmons found out how one UM student is helping special olympians.