Wednesday, October 31, 2007

UM Parking Ticketers

Walk through any parking lot at the University of Montana, and you'll likely find parking tickets on a number of windshields.
Reporter Melanie Overcast and photographer Oliver Sommerauer followed two people responsible for passing out those pink papers. (Click video link below.)

A no decal ticket will set you back fifteen dollars.
Parking permits cost just over one-hundred sixty dollars per year.

Pet Adoption

Part of Missoula’s population clears out come break time at the University. Reporter Katie Stukey and photographer Cristin Rennick found out that at this time of the year furry friends often get left behind.

Volunteer training takes place at the humane society every third Thursday of the month.
For more information, visit

Footbridge Forum

Tune in, call in and speak out. That's what one class at the University of Montana is asking people to do. UM news reporter Jackie Bartz and photographer Andrew Granbois tunes in to College Radio's Footbridge Forum.

The Footbridge Forum’s next show airs on 89.9 FM KBGA
College Radio at 7:00 pm November 14th, and the final
show airs November 18th at 7:00 pm.


Orange and yellow leaves mean hunting season in the Big Sky.
Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and Photographer Jamie Leary followed a few students hoping to get a great shot.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here is the full episode of UM News for October 30, 2007 with anchors Brandon Gondeiro and Rob Ashley. The show was produced by Irina Cates and directed by John Zimmerman. (Click video link below.)

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Career Services

One of the biggest concerns students and their parents face after graduation is finding a job. Reporter Kim Cosgrove looks into how the University's Career Center is helping prepare students for the professional world.

The workshops are held every Wednesday night at the Career Center from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican Holiday to celebrate deceased relatives. Reporter Kerry McKay and photographer Aricka Turner found out how one UM printing class is carving their way into the parade festivities on November 2nd.

The Day of the Dead parade will be held in Downtown Missoula on November 2nd.

Drama Department

University of Montana's Drama Department provides many shows every year and costumes are as essential to the show as the actors. Reporter Lauren Pedrick and photographer Layne Fisher show the work it takes to put all the pieces together.

Research for the play, Tartuffe, began last spring.

UM News Silver Preview


Wizard costumes, tasty treats and smiles. No it's not Halloween, it's just another day in chemistry class. UM News reporter Rob Ashley and photographer Brandon MacDonald found out how one teacher is making learning fun.

G-Wiz says he loves teaching and has no plans to stop any time soon.

Maroon Team Preview

Griz v. Cat Blood Drive

The Montana versus Montana State Football game may be 18 days away but fans squared off last week. UM News Reporter Brandon Gondeiro explains why the fans renewed the Cat Griz rivalry before the football game.

Learn how you can participate in the next American Red Cross Blood Drive.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

This Week On UM News

-Reporter Lauren Pedrick and photographer Layne Fisher meet some talented young costume designers at the UM Drama/Dance department.

-Reporter Rob Ashley and photographer Brandon Macdonald explore the fun of science with a beloved UM professor.

-Reporter Brandon Gondeiro and photographer Jason Hendrickson meet up with some diehard fans who are literally bleeding school spirit.

-Reporter Kerry McKay and photographer Aricka Turner observe UM art students as they prepare for next week's Day of the Dead festivities.

-Reporter Kim Cosgrove looks at how UM Career Services is helping students prepare for their futures.

Friday, October 26, 2007

UM News for 10/24/07

UM News for October 24th, 2007
Anchored by Eric Allen and Ashleigh Ebert
Produced by Megan Taylor and Directed by Ryan Corwin
(Please click on the video link below)

Sky Diving

Fans cram into Washington Grizzly Stadium to watch the Griz. But a select few have a better view than everyone else. Reporter Melanie Overcast and Photographer Adam Winger spent some time with the men that soar above the stadium.

Skydivers must have a thousand jumps and pass a test before they can jump into the stadium.

Contact the Silvertip Skydivers

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grizzly Personal Safety

The University of Montana can be scary especially if you are walking alone. But students can walk with an escort to make the walk safer. UM news reporter Ashleigh Ebert and Photographer Andrew Granbois found out the escorts don't get used enough even though lots of students walk alone.

GPS is available seven days a week from seven until twelve at night. To contact GPS go to the nearest emergency phone and press the red button. The dispatcher will contact GPS for you and then escort you to your desired location.

Learn more about campus safety

Student Rights

Do students know their constitutional rights?
that's what several groups on campus want to find out. UM News reporter Jackie Bartz talked to students about what they would do if they were asked to hand their backpacks over to authorities.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bancroft Fish Pond

Since September Missoula Parks and Recreation along with the Montana College of Technology have wanted to dig out the Bancroft fish pond. Reporter Eli Hermann and Photographer Oliver Sommerauer found out why this is taking so long.

Global Warming Protest

Protestors gathered on the U-M oval to create awareness of global warming and the use of coal in Montana.
U-M News reporter, Eric Allen, found out what happens when campus and community come together as one voice against global warming.

Silver Team Bios

To learn more about the UM News Silver team, bios, and current projects, click here.

Monday, October 22, 2007

UM News October 23, 2007

Here is the full episode of UM News for October 23, 2007 with anchors Irina Cates and Kim Cosgrove. The show was produced by Wayne Stell and directed by Layne Fisher. (Click video link below.)

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Click Below to see a preview of this week's Silver edition of UM News due
to air on Thursday, October 25th on KECI, KCFW and KTVM during Montana Today.

ELI Program

If an international student wants to attend the University they have to pass a standardized English exam. Reporter Kim Cosgrove found out that there is a program on campus for those students who didn't pass the test, but still want to attend the University.

Food Donations

The Missoula Food Bank feeds about twelve thousand people every year. Reporter Irina Cates tells us how the University of Montana helps the food banks feed the community.

Climbing Wall at the University of Montana

Women at the University of Montana are no longer watching from the bottom, they're now reaching for new heights. Reporter Kerry McKay found out how.

Student Loan Debt

The cost of higher education has nearly doubled in the last ten years and financial aid officials say students are taking out more and more private loan money to pay for school.
The high and uncapped interest rates on these loans have financial aid officials worried.
And reporter Amanda Harris, along with photographer Brandon McDonald, found out the debt from these loans can keep successful college students from pursuing their dreams.

The Students Assistance Foundation and the University of Montana Financial Aid Office offer information and help for students with questions regarding financial aid and student loans.

35th Anniversary of Title IX

Women's athletics in Montana are thriving. However this wasn't always the case. Reporter Rob Ashley discovered how one piece of legislation thirty-five years ago changed the landscape of sports in America.

Friday, October 19, 2007


The Maroon Team has it's own website. To learn more about our reporters and photographers, visit us at our HOMEPAGE.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

UM News 10/18/07

Here is the full episode of UM News for October 18, 2007 with anchors Jackie Bartz and Megan Taylor. The show was produced by Katie Stukey and directed by Andrew Granbois. (Click video link below.)

AG Nominee at the Badlander

Politics and Bars don't normally go together in a positive sense.
But one politically minded group decided the two things could attract more people to become active in politcs.
UM news reporter Ashleigh Ebert found out why relating to students at their hangout can help get them concerned about politics.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Students walking to school may want to look more than both ways before crossing the street, they may want to look for a cross walk.
UM News reporter Jackie Bartz looks at the costly consequences of jaywalking.


The U.S. Department of Education, in an effort to help boost the quality of teacher-education at reservation schools across Big Sky Country, awarded the University of Montana 3 million dollars.
Reporter, Eric Allen, found out how students are taking advantage of the Literacy Education and Teacher Training for Excellent Reservation Schools program.

Millennial Generation

The generation made up by baby boomer offspring is just hitting the workforce. Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Oliver Sommerauer looked into the 70 million strong generation that is more known for fun than work-ethic.

Canine Cuisine

Refined grains and by-products can be found in many different kinds of food. UM reporter, Megan Taylor and photographer Ryan Corwin investigated a cooking class that taught alternative ways to cook a healthy meal.
To find out more on the cooking classes, click here.
To find more recipes for your dog, click here.

Meet the Staff, UM News Silver Team

Melanie Overcast is a small town girl from Chinook, Montana. She originally thought she wanted to work in print journalism, but a "quarter-life crisis" sent her running to the broadcast department. Sitting in front of a computer all day didn't appeal to her. She loves doing stories about education, the environment, health and politics. Before she works on UM News, she gets up and goes to work at 3:00 a.m. to produce and report for KECI's morning show, Montana Today. She's a little crazy.

Hailing from Helena, Montana. Ashleigh Ebert graduated from Capital High School in 2004. She came to the University because she knew they had a good journalism program and Ashleigh wanted to be cute and on TV, or become a journalist, one of the two. This is her second year working at KBGA, the college radio station, and when not enduring the wrath of her boss, Jackie Bartz, she loves it. Ashleigh enjoys taking her dog Dexter for walks and hanging out with friends.

Maritsa Georgiou came to Missoula four years ago from Minneapolis. She divides her time between Missoula and Whitefish. When she's in Missoula, she's usually working on something in the journalism building. In her down time she likes to read, sleep, play ridiculously elaborate card games, and watch the Vikings. She'll graduate in December and hopes to get a dog for Christmas.Her favorite part of UM News is all of the late night delirious laughter you can hear coming from the editing lab.

Three More Profiles to come every week...stay tuned

Monday, October 15, 2007

Missoula Maulers

The Missoula Maulers recorded a sweep over the weekend to improve their record to 2 and 1. Reporter Rob Ashley and Photographer Brandon McDonald discover how the first year Maulers helped several Grizzlies find a home on the ice.

The Maulers hit the ice again Thursday against the Bozeman Ice Dogs at 7:30 PM.


Disabled people may never move their legs again. That doesn't mean they need to miss out on leg exercises. Reporter Brandon Gondeiro and Photographer Chris Spencer found out how an amazing chair is helping the disabled.

Belly Dancing

The University offers many different classes that engage students in a multitude of ways. As Reporter Wayne Stell and Photographer Layne Fisher found out Belly Dancing is one such class.

For more information contact Kelli here.

Financial Aid Bill

A new bill passed that will help students pay for college. Reporter Amanda Harris looks into one student's life and how the bill will help him and other students.


Children are laughing and learning at Spectrum, a hands on science expo where children experience science on their own. Reporter Irina Cates and Photographer John Zimmerman take you to where education meets fun.

For more information on Spectrum click here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UM News for October 10, 2007

Here is the full episode of UM News for October 11, 2007 with anchors Katie Stukey and Eli Hermann. The show was produced by Melanie Overcast and directed by Jamie Leary. (Click video link below.)


After a rough day at school UM students workout at the gym, cuddle up to a Netflix, or engage in other activities. Reporter Eric Allen and photographer Andrew Granbois, found some UM students that use ice hockey to relieve their stress.

For more information visit the Glacier Ice Rink

Going Green

Plastics and nylon do not necessarily go hand in hand with being green, but some Chemistry grad students at the University of Montana work daily on making greener forms of matter. Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Adam Winger took a closer look at their eco-friendly work.

For more information on The University's College of Arts and Sciences click here
Click here for more information about Going Green.

Interpretive Dancing

The University of Montana Dance program is taking dance out of the theatre and on to the campus.
UM news reporter Ashleigh Ebert with photographer Ryan Corwin found out what happens when dance is brought off the stage and onto the sidewalk.

For more information on the University of Montana's Dance department click here

Milltown Dam Removal

The largest superfund site in the world is a busy place this week.
Reporter Katie Stukey and Photographer Byron Norris found both workers and residents staying active to make sure the Milltown restoration goes smoothly.
The removal project completion is expected in April of next year.

Want to know more about the Milltown Dam removal? visit the Environmental Protection Agency.

Free to Speak

After Colorado State University published a controversial headline in their school newspaper, which caught national attention. Reporter Megan Taylor and Photographer Cristin Rennick looked into how the University of Montana Journalism School felt about this exercise of free speech.

To visit the Rocky Mountain Collegian website click here
To contact the University of Montana's newspaper, The Kaimin, click here

This week on UM News

Reporter Maritsa Georgiou and photographer Adam Winger explore greener alternatives to nylon and plastic.

Reporter Eric Allen and photographer Andrew Granbois lace up their skates and talk to a group of students who relieve their stress by hitting the ice.

Reporter Katie Stukey and photographer Byron Norris dig through the problems facing the biggest super fund site in the world.

Reporter Ashleigh Ebert and photographer Ryan Corwin step outside with a group of students taking dance from the theater to the streets.

Reporter Megan Taylor and photographer Jamie Leary spoke with student journalists about their first amendment rights.

UM News airs Thursday mornings on Montana Today on KECI Channel 13

Monday, October 8, 2007

This Week on UM News

- Reporter Irina Cates and photographer John Zimmerman take a look at the newly opened Interactive Science area located in the Skaggs Building in room 166 on the University campus.

- Reporter Rob Ashley and photographer Brandon McDonald show us how some Missoula Maulers balance school, practice and life.

- Reporter Brandon Gondeiro and photographer Chris Spencer take at look at the new, high tech equipment bought for special physical therapy clients.

-Reporter Wayne Stell and photographer Layne Fisher explore some of the unique dancing classes offered at UM.

- Reporter Amanda Harris gives us a look at the new College Cost Reduction and Access Act, that will make it easier to apply for financial aid.

UM News for October 9, 2007

Here is the full episode of UM News for October 9, 2007 with anchors Lauren Pedrick and Irina Cates. The show was produced by Kerry McKay and directed by Alexander Krigsvold. (Click video link below.)

MOLLI Program

Music, history, and culture are only three of the options in the MOLLI program. UM News reporter Irina Cates and photographer Aricka Turner tell us about the Montana Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the programs offered for older adults. (Click on video link below.)

To view the classes offered and more information on the MOLLI program click here

Marching Band

On a Saturday game day, the Grizzly football team are not the only ones providing entertainment. UM News reporter Wayne Stell paid a visit to another group that provides a different sort of excitement on game days. (Click on video link below.)

To learn more about the University's Marching Band click here.

Market Tip Jars

University of Montana students leave money in tip jars everyday. UM News Reporter Brandon Gondeiro and photographer Layne Fisher find a business taking tips and giving them away. (Click on video link below)