Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UM Grad Student brings lasting global connection to Missoula

The second most traded commodity in the world will soon be taking a direct route to Missoula. UM Peace Corps Representative Dana Foster and Black Coffee Roasting Company are partnering to establish a direct trade relationship with Finca Buena Vista coffee farm in El Salvador. Unlike fair trade, the direct trade model offers quality assurance, meaning roasters have chosen what they feel is the best coffee for their consumers. The market price for coffee can change every day, but on average, roasters that buy direct pay 25% to 40% more for their beans. In simpler terms, if a pound of raw coffee beans normally costs $2.38, the price through direct trade would be $3.50 to $4 per pound. This gives the producers an opportunity to create better working conditions and increase wages. Black Coffee Roasting Company hopes to start offering directly traded coffee by spring 2012. Reporter Annemiek Wilson and photographer Bernie Riggs found out how coffee is finding a new way into our cups. Click below to see video.

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