Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UM News for October 10, 2007

Here is the full episode of UM News for October 11, 2007 with anchors Katie Stukey and Eli Hermann. The show was produced by Melanie Overcast and directed by Jamie Leary. (Click video link below.)


Jason said...

I thought this show was written well! I liked the package, but I think it could have been in the middle of the newscast! The transition from PKG to VOSOT to worked, but I think the vosot and pkg could have been switched around. Other than that, it was well done! Keep up the good work!!

Clem Work said...

I realize it's hard to package a story in 37 seconds. This piece focuses on risky decisions that college journalists can make, pegged to the Fuck Bush editorial at Colorado State. Given the time restraints, the piece was fairly clear that the decision to publish something like that is risky because it can invite public anger and dismay, which can have real consequences, such as pulled advertising, a political furor, and possibly even the loss of one's job. However, what was not made clear was that college journalists who do such things do not risk legal consequences such as censorship or fines or worse, because they are protected by the First Amendment. Thus the announcer's lead-in ("Freedom of speech is not always a guarantee for college journalists") was misleading and wrong. A better lead-in might have been "While college journalists are protected by the First Amendment, that doesn't mean there aren't consequences if they anger people."

Keep up the good work!