Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meet the Staff, UM News Silver Team

Melanie Overcast is a small town girl from Chinook, Montana. She originally thought she wanted to work in print journalism, but a "quarter-life crisis" sent her running to the broadcast department. Sitting in front of a computer all day didn't appeal to her. She loves doing stories about education, the environment, health and politics. Before she works on UM News, she gets up and goes to work at 3:00 a.m. to produce and report for KECI's morning show, Montana Today. She's a little crazy.

Hailing from Helena, Montana. Ashleigh Ebert graduated from Capital High School in 2004. She came to the University because she knew they had a good journalism program and Ashleigh wanted to be cute and on TV, or become a journalist, one of the two. This is her second year working at KBGA, the college radio station, and when not enduring the wrath of her boss, Jackie Bartz, she loves it. Ashleigh enjoys taking her dog Dexter for walks and hanging out with friends.

Maritsa Georgiou came to Missoula four years ago from Minneapolis. She divides her time between Missoula and Whitefish. When she's in Missoula, she's usually working on something in the journalism building. In her down time she likes to read, sleep, play ridiculously elaborate card games, and watch the Vikings. She'll graduate in December and hopes to get a dog for Christmas.Her favorite part of UM News is all of the late night delirious laughter you can hear coming from the editing lab.

Three More Profiles to come every week...stay tuned

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