Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Missoula Police Break Down the Process of a DUI

According to data from the Montana Department of Transportation, there were 7,351 injury crashes in the state of Montana in 2009. Of those incidents, 1,319 or 17.9 percent involved alcohol. Two-hundred and two crashes were fatal. of those, 86 or 42.6 percent were alcohol related.
The numbers don't differ too much in Missoula County. In 2009, out of 922 injury crashes, 147 or 15.9 percent were alcohol related. Out of the 13 fatal crashes of that year, 7 or 53.8 percent involved alcohol.

Montana DOT data shows underage drivers are involved in alcohol or drug related crashes in 6.7 percent of all drug or alcohol related crashes. That's compared to 10.5 percent of the entire population of drivers; no matter their age.

As of the 2008 data, the results for fatal crashes was much different. In alcohol related crashes involving an underage driver, 42.4 percent of those were fatal. Montana DOT says the rate for the entire population of drivers, no matter their age is 40.4 percent.

UM News reporter Tara Oster and reporter/photographer Maegan Simmons went on a ride with Missoula Police to see how they work to decrease the number of DUIs and how they ultimately hope to decrease the number of alcohol related car-accident fatalities.

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