Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Montana Campus Compact applies for Campus Corps funding through 2015

Montana Campus Compact aims to refund its Campus Corpsprogram, an Americorps service group, here at the University of Montana.

Currently, Campus Corps has funding through August of 2012.The MTCC reapplies for this funding every three years. However, funding forAmericorps is in jeopardy due to a proposal from the US House ofRepresentatives to cut Americorps funding all together.

Executive Director at MTCC, Dean McGovern, said the groupwill keep planning as if it will receive all funding. MTCC will know if itsgrant request was successful this May.

In the meantime, there is another service group on campusthat has funding through 2014.
Compact Service Corps is another student service group thatstrives to serve the Missoula community. However, instead of stipends that ahandful of students obtain through Campus Corps, Compact Service studentsreceive work study if they qualify. Compact Service Corps students also receiveeducation awards, like Campus Corps students, but do not have to volunteer asmany hours for these awards.

McGovern said both programs are sound assets to theuniversity. He said he hopes to keep them around to serve the Missoulacommunity for years.

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Josh Vanek said...

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