Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Montana landowners fight back against the Mountain Pine Beetle.

Montana land owner, Karole Lee, says it's important that land owners remember that they the stewards of the land. Lee owns five and a half acres in the Clancy area and says she strives to maintain the trees on her property; because healthier trees are less likely to be infested by mountain pine beetles. Lee advises other land owners to keep their trees well watered, as well as to remove the smaller weaker trees to enable the larger healthier ones to grow. UM doctoral student and pine beetle expert, Ryan Bracewell, says it's important that land owners can identify the trees on their land, and how susceptible they are to pine beetle infestation. Reporter and photographer Faith Cronin and photographer Scott Ranf dug a little deeper to find out what methods land owners can rely on to get rid of pine beetle infestations. To learn more about the mountain pine beetle you can watch Part I of this two part story or visit the Forest Service website.

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